HERE WE GO FOR 2008…..

Although planning to take time off during the school holidays, both girls are asking “Mum, is there any school work we can do?” So, we begin in a sort of unplanned way but nonetheless, I have found loads of resources for the new year one of which is a website dedicated to a ‘learning to read and write’ program written by the US government but totally appropriate for both girls.Here’s the link:

Kindergarten through to 3rd grade is all there – WOW, what a resource.

Miss B (age 6) wasn’t keen on worksheets last year and writing is not a strong interest of hers, however she LOVES getting mail, so we have arranged for the ‘postman’ (he he) to deliever a set of work in th letterbox each week and so far, so good – they are motivated to have a go. I love that the child and adult have to sign them – makes it look all very official.


In prepartion for Saturdays celebrations we are discovering the states of Australia, their floral emblems, climate, National Anthem, tourist attractions and the map of Australia. Here’s the wesite we used:

Here’s what the girls have done so far this week.

~ by homeschoollearningforlife on January 21, 2008.

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  1. I like your blog. This is MamaJuli from GCM

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